Harnessing the power of math

to create tomorrow's breakthrough technologies
Cybersecurity. Nanotechnology. Machine learning (AI). Space travel. Quantum Computing.
For the past 50 years, all key developments in world-changing technologies have shared a single root: Mathematics.

Mathematics’ power lies in seeing and revealing hidden patterns. Each time mathematicians make a major discovery they create a rich expanse of unlimited potential. Industries that invest in this potential don’t just dominate existing markets – they forge entirely new, powerful, data-driven paths that solve critical real-world problems with high social and economic impact.

Fields Multiplier emerged from the belief that the next great Canadian enterprises will go straight to the source. Backed by the Fields Institute, Canada’s leading Centre for Mathematical Science, Fields Multiplier is a initiative that provides support for mathematics-based R&D with a high potential for commercialization. We match the brightest mathematical minds coming out of top universities and institutes with industry mentors, government partners and an in-house commercialization team for a collaborative approach that makes the once-elusive ‘magic’ of mathematics a repeatable, de-risking and potentially disruptive phenomenon.
40 new companies, 1000 new jobs
Fields Multiplier brings together:
  • Academics performing leading-edge research in mathematical sciences.
  • Industry partners with demonstrated market knowledge.
  • Investors to provide the funding from early-stage to end-stage.
  • Government partnership to fulfil upstream seed funding.
  • Academics performing leading-edge research in mathematical sciences.
  • Industry partners with demonstrated market knowledge.
  • Investors to provide the funding from early-stage to end-stage.
  • Government partnership to fulfil upstream seed funding.
Our Team

Mario Grech

Mario Grech is an active high-technology business executive, entrepreneur, and investor with international leadership experience in large Silicon Valley tech companies, including CRAY Research, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, as well as co-founding/co-funding four successful privately-held startup ventures. He also serves as an adviser to U.S. Government Departments and agencies on export and repatriation control policy for advanced supercomputing technologies.

He guest lectures at Rice University's Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business and is an active member and sponsor of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship in Houston Texas. He recently co-founded the Fields Multiplier incubator/accelerator program at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. He is an Adjunct Professor focused on entrepreneurship and commercializing applied research and an Associate Graduate Faculty Member at the University of Toronto's Department of Computer Science (DCS). He is a co-founder and Director of the DCS Innovation Lab.

Mario is a Founding Partner at a U.S. based innovation funding and commercialization firm specializing in research based disruptive advancements. He holds a Master's of Business in leadership from Rice University, and a Bachelor's of Applied Science in engineering from the University of Toronto.

Martin Croteau
An entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Martin Croteau is passionate about entrepreneurship. Throughout his career Martin has worked with dozens of early-stage technology start-ups as a founder, an investor, a consultant and an academic, providing him with a uniquely diverse perspective on the factors that lead to startup success. Martin was the Director of Academic Entrepreneurship at the Ontario Centres of Excellence. He oversaw OCE’s SmartStart Seed Fund and GlobalStart Program which fuel the growth and global reach of Ontario’s top startup companies. Before joining OCE, Martin was the founder and Executive Director of Spark Centre, an innovation centre that helps new technology companies get off the ground. He was also a co-founder and board member of the Spark Angel Investment Network. As an entrepreneur, Martin was on the founding team of Slipstream Data Inc., a University of Waterloo Startup company that was acquired by Blackberry in 2006.

Kumar Murty
Kumar Murty is the Director of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, a position he has held since July 2019. He was Chair of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto Downtown campus where he’s taught since 1987. Professor Murty works in the areas of number theory, algebraic geometry and their applications to information technology. He has over 125 published articles in leading scholarly journals and he has authored or edited 7 books. His recent work has expanded to mathematical modelling in social, economic and health contexts. This includes his work on Smart Villages, which received a Connaught Global Challenges Award in 2017, and his work on integrative modelling related to the pandemic. In particular, he heads the CIHR funded Mathematical Modelling of COVID-19 Task Force to undertake research relating to COVID-19 and is co-chair of Ontario’s Modelling Consensus Table.
Information for Industry
Fields Multiplier is here to help you find solutions through an innovative business approach to research and development that can provide your company with access to the leading minds in applied mathematics-based research.
When you partner with Fields Multiplier you get:
  • The opportunity to work with a Fields business accelerator comprised of the best and brightest mathematical minds in Canada.
  • The unique curatorial expertise of business professionals at the Fields Institute as well as the resources to manage an aggressive development plan with clear milestones that will deliver sophisticated mathematics solutions to your industry challenge.
  • Product Market and Financial Analysis including involvement through mentorship and investment in the start-up/small business delivering the solution.
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Information for Researchers
Fields Multiplier provides support for disruptive mathematics-based research with a high potential for commercialization. Funding is available for milestone-driven research in collaboration with industry partners (Multiplier Labs) with the aim to develop solutions that promise significant economic or social impact. Fields Multiplier also provides commercialization support – including intellectual property management, start-up formation, commercial pilot projects, and investment capital.
When you collaborate with Fields Multiplier you get:
  • Funding for milestone-driven research with high commercial potential.
  • Collaboration, mentorship and support from industry partners.
  • Expertise of a professional team of start-up and commercialization experts.
  • Assistance incorporating a new company that owns the intellectual property.
  • Access to funding to rapidly scale your venture.
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